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Teaching English for Specific Purposes at Universities

Datum konání
7. 9. – 8. 9. 2017
Místo konání
Brno, Technická 10

English for specific purposes (ESP) represents one of the most prominent areas of EFL teaching today. The ESP has grown considerably over the past few years which has led to a rapid growth in English courses aimed at specific disciplines. The conference targets on both theoretical and methodological topics relating to current approaches and trends in ESP. We wish to bring together teachers and experts to share their knowledge, experience and research results at the conference and follow-up discussion.

Submissions are welcome in the following areas:

Methodological aspects of teaching ESP at universities

  • Current approaches and methods in ESP teaching
  • Communicative competence in ESP teaching
  • The role of translation in ESP teaching

Syllabus/Curriculum design for ESP at universities

  • Analysis and evaluation of different aspects of ESP textbooks
  • Different approaches to the ESP syllabus design and the processes of curriculum development
  • The specifics of professional content in ESP materials

University management’s support for teaching ESP

  • Organizational and financial support
  • Participation in research projects
  • The situation of ESP teachers at universities