English for Information Technology

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This coursebook is aimed at the intermediate level learners who study information and communication technology at universities and wish to pursue their careers in this field. Its aim is to equip the university students with both receptive and productive skills in professional English language at the level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) focused on information and communication technology. The coursebook enables students to acquire professional vocabulary, linguistic means for expressing different language functions and to develop language skills necessary for both active participation in the seminars, lectures, conferences, and effective communication with colleagues, business partners and institutions in the competitive international environment of the information and communication technology sector.

English for Information Technology consists of twelve main units covering a wide range of topics dealing with information and communication technology, four review units, extra reading and speaking activities, answer key, and video and audio transcript with highlighted answers to all tasks. The units focus on the current development and careers in information technology, hardware, software, networks, the Internet safety, computer and the Internet history.

Each unit consists of a lead-in activity, main topic text, vocabulary practice, reading, listening, speaking tasks and language functions, such as predicting, classifying, qualifying, comparing, giving advice and instructions, persuading, and describing features, functions, processes, tables and charts. All tasks correspond to the Cambridge English exams format. They include multiple matching, gap filling, multiple-choice cloze, multiple choice, sentence completion and true/false tasks. The English-Czech wordlist with phonetic transcription of the specialized terminology accompanies each unit. Most tasks are based on the communicative approach in language learning, but the elements of the Presentation-Practice-Production method and task-based approach are implemented in the coursebook as well.

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personal computer, motherboard, input devices, output devices, storage devices, software, Windows, networks, internet access, World Wide Web, Internet safety