How to cooperate with us...

How to cooperate with us...

Our Department harbors a number of scholars dealing with research in ESP, namely technical English, specifically English for Electrical Engineering and English for IT. We welcome cooperation with other institutions, universities as well as the industry.

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Bachelor´s theses topics

Bachelor´s theses topics – we encourage, and welcome topics suggested a co-supervised by private companies, because both parties benefit from such cooperation. It gives your company an opportunity to brain hunt the best candidates for future employment. Should you be interested, please contact assoc. Prof. Milena Krhutová, Ph.D. for more details.

Lectures and seminars

Lectures and seminars from scholars and language professionals are always welcomed since the audience is given an opportunity to grasp the topic at hand from a different perspective. Should you be interested, please do not hesitate to contact Ing. Martin  Jílek, who is in charge of scheduling and planning the event.