About department

At present...

All of education is provided by experienced professionals educated in linguistics and with long-time experience in teaching ESP. The team has been refreshed by fresh, young assistants who bring new energy, new ideas and innovative approaches.

Besides education, the Department also focuses on research in Linguistics (with focus on English for Professional Purposes, mainly in the field of pragmatics, translation, lexicology and sociolinguistics) a methodology of ESP.

In 2020 the Department of Foreign Languages celebrates its 30-year Anniversary. It is due to this long tradition and experience of people, some of which laid the founding stones of the Department (namely Assoc. Prof. Milena Krhutová, Ph.D.) and are still a vital part of the Department not only in Research, but also in everyday teaching, that we are able to provide quality education to students of three faculties.

Did you know...

six-time winner in student’s best ‘teacher competition’, Ms. Agata Walek, calls us her home department?
we are a top 3 department at FEEC in number of students we teach?
our educators regularly visit language departments at top European universities?
we have the highest female/male employment ratio among the Faculty’s departments?
a Canadian native speaker – Ken A. Froehling, M.A. – is among our teachers.

...the days gone by.

The Department of Foreign Languages was founded (as an independent department by splitting from a whole University department) on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics in 1990. Since academic year 1997/98 the Department has been offering paid English for Beginners and pre-intermediate courses, because these types of courses are no longer offered by the Faculty. Since the establishment of the independent Faculty of Information Technology in 2001, the Department has been providing its students with language education. Although the name of the Department of Foreign Languages may suggest it deals exclusively with languages, the 'pedagogical and economics' section became its integral part in 2004. It offers courses in psychology, economics, and other humanities. In 2012, the 'English in Electrical Engineering and Informatics' program was successfully accredited and it became the first philological program on a technical university in the Czech Republic. It has been successfully running ever since.